Photography Tips & Tricks

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Oh hey there! Whether you're a chef, food stylist or cafe owner and need some tips on achieving a good result with your camera or phone. You have a new product and you're desperate to get some great shots for your website.
Or maybe you're launching into the world of social media and need some scroll stopping imagery to gain traction ... whatever your objective, we're here to help you achieve great results!


Light is your friend

Don't be afraid of shooting in the bathroom if it's the best course of natural light! Style your set with props first, take some test shots, move the set up around until you are happy with the result THEN add the food. If the light is quite harsh, diffuse it with a sheer curtain or sheet. If you find the shadows quite hard, bounce the light with a light reflector board positioned on the opposite side of the source.

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You've spent time setting up so utilise the scene. Firstly, photograph the composition you were aiming for then get down and move around! Shoot from the floor, knee height, overhead and even into the light! Get close with your subject and then move back. Move your objects around, add elements or remove some to achieve a series with great variation!

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Post Production

You don't need editing skills to get your image looking professional!
Your phone and Instagram both have basic editing tools that will allow you to lighten your image, sharpen it and crop it! If your image is looking orange, try reducing the 'warmth' and if it's looking blue, warm it up a tad! For a more comprehensive edit, keep an eye out for our how to guide launching soon!

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How do I decide on the right backdrop for me?

If you need help choosing a backdrop that is easy to shoot with and will work well with your product or service, contact us!
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